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Papilionoidea Mural

10′ x 10′ Acrylic on Plywood

This painting was created at the Georgetown Harbor on June 14, 2012 for the Art Metamorphosis Project which was hosted by Art Soiree. I began the mural around noon and finished close to midnight of the same day. A time-lapse video of the piece can be found on YouTube. The video and music created was produced Tom Delay Beats.

Papilionoidea focuses on the abstract idea of transformation. I wanted to incorporate the butterfly but did not want to overwhelm the idea with just a butterfly. The desire was to be emblematic. I brought in the tree of life to signify the rebirth of life even when all looks lost.

Nancy Carolina Flores

I’m a visual artist that is only limited by the colors of the rainbow. I have painted on large plywood, painted on canvases, painted large murals in homes, and have even dabbled in the art of body painting. I try to never let anything stand in my way and continue to let my ambition steer me towards my vision. anonymous

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