Past Events

Winter Wonderland

Hosted by Art Soiree – Friday, December 20, 2012

I was one of 4 artists that participated in this event where we created a winter wonderland in heart of Georgetown. The event was held at Malmaison. My model was Otis O. Bonds and I created a magical scene on his body with the Winter Fairy bringing snow and ice to the dead trees of winter. I also live-painted a canvas painting titled My painting is titled “Ben’s Winter Wonderland” and was inspired on a photograph taken by the late Ben Koomen. It is a combination of the serene and beauty of freshly fallen snow encased in a glass globe surrounded by pine trees. His favorite time of year was winter where he would fly to the mountains and experience his own wonderland. I was inspired by his photograph as well as his love for helping others. Ben Koomen and I worked alongside for almost 4 years at GeneDx, a rare diagnostics genetics company based in Gaithersburg, MD.

Photos on Nancy Carolina Flores – Artist on Facebook



Hosted by RAW: DC – Thursday, September 13, 2012

I showcased my most recent work at Ensemble which was held at Cafe Asia. A few of my works were sold during the showcase.

A few of the pieces displayed at Ensemble


3rd Annual Midsummer Night’s Dream

Hosted by Art Soiree – Sunday, August 12, 2012

This August Art Soiree, Nick’s Riverside Grill, Tony & Joe’s Restaurant, Roche Salon, MRP Realty at Washington Harbour, and a group of talented local artists used the magic of art to transform the heart of Georgetown into an enchanted wonderland of Midsummer Night’s Dream. Many joined in to celebrate the summer in a fantastic, fairy-laden setting of color, art, music and performance.

Photos on Nancy Carolina Flores – Artist on Facebook


Art Metamorphosis 2012

Hosted by Art Soiree – Thursday, June 14, 2012

Live Painting Time-lapse Video

I was one of 26 artists that got invited to do a live-painting around the construction of the fountain in Georgetown. The idea was to come up with a mural that embodied Metamorphosis. When I think of Metamorphosis, I think of butterflies. My painting was titled Papilionoidea which is the scientific word for “butterfly”. Papilionoidea focuses on the abstract idea of transformation. I wanted to incorporate the butterfly but did not want to overwhelm the idea with just a butterfly. The desire was to be emblematic. I brought in the tree of life to signify the rebirth of life even when all looks lost.

Photos on Nancy Carolina Flores – Artist on Facebook


Artomatic 2012 

May 18 – June 23, 2012

Artomatic is the very first local artist showcase that I displayed my art. I’ve always painted landscapes or objects or even people on canvases, but I never fully wanted to display my art. As an artist, I have been so critical of my work that I never knew what the people thought of the work that I created. Artomatic was a great place to showcase my artwork without anyone judging it if it was “good enough” to be in a show. The show was held in Crystal City, VA and ran for a month.



Nancy Carolina Flores

I’m a visual artist that is only limited by the colors of the rainbow. I have painted on large plywood, painted on canvases, painted large murals in homes, and have even dabbled in the art of body painting. I try to never let anything stand in my way and continue to let my ambition steer me towards my vision.