photo (4)A little ambition never hurt anyone…. right?

I said that…and then I started painting. I have painted almost every single day since January 1st. If I wasn’t painting, I was at the art store, or making a homemade canvas, or even thinking about my next art piece. It has been an exhausting (almost 4 weeks) but I wouldn’t take any minute back! I have learned so much about myself in the past few weeks and even so much about my art. I didn’t think it was possible to create ~30 works of art in 30 days…well, to be honest with you, it’s not. Not with a full-time job.

I thought I could create 30 but then I rehashed my idea. Do I really NEED TO? NO. I just needed enough for my show. I did a walk-through at the Ritz about a week after I decided to do my solo show. I knew exactly what I wanted to do but I wasn’t sure how many I would actually do. The Ritz can’t hold 30..unless I create smaller works of art. In the beginning, they were small, but then the size restricted where I wanted to go with my theme. So, the next day, I made bigger canvases and even returned the small ones I had bought to exchange them for larger ones. Then, I had close to 25 blank canvases. What did I do? I sort of panicked..and then I picked up a paintbrush and went to work.